Lorenzo Ward, Say No to Georgia State

Could Lorenzo Ward be on the short list for the head coaching job at Georgia State? Rumors are spreading, even Darryl Slater of The Charleston Post & Courier wrote about the potential and so did Mr. SEC. Asked if he’d be interested in the Panthers’ job, Ward said:

“You can’t ever say ‘no’ in this business, but I have a great job.”

Let me go ahead and help Coach Ward on this choice if asked…Say No.

I could understand the draw of a head coaching job but life as a defensive coach within the SEC will garner you much more in the long run. Coach Ward has only had the job for a year and if he could just hang in there for a few more then he could get a bigger job. Ward is a great coach, excellent recruiter and is well-respected. 

Coach Ward has a bright future and with no disrespect to GSU, Ward could (and will) do better. So again…just say no.



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