The Ideal Lineup

It’s been no secret that South Carolina has had many injuries this season.  Those injuries have caused many combinations of players to be used in the line up.  I was asked the other day what would be my ideal lineup for this team.  Since we might actually have these guys back and healthy, here it is.

Marcus Mooney SS

Mooney batted a respectable .275 in the regular season, but he also had an on base percentage of .380.  That’s my kind of lead off man.

Max Schrock, 2B

Schrock also batted .275, but he had the second highest slugging percentage on the team at .459.  When healthy he is one of the most talented players in Carolina’s line up.

Grayson Greiner, C

The best hitter on the team.  He leads the team with 50 RBIs, 100 total bases and a .521 slugging percentage.  The 3 hold is a great place for him.

Kyle Martin, 1B

Martin batting clean up is a great way to protect Greiner.  He is batting .335, just slightly higher than Greiner’s .333.

Joey Pankake, 3B

Another natural hitter who would complete a murders’ row of bats.  Pankake has hit for power and average.

Connor Bright, RF

Bright has been sorely missed from the lineup.  No player gets more solid contact on his swings than Bright.  Although he has missed some time Connor leads the team with a .336 average.

Gene Cone, LF

One of the stars of the future, Cone is only batting .216.  But don’t let that number fool you, Cone generally has a good approach and puts together good at bats.  You want him in the line up.

DC Arendas, DH

I’ll admit that I wasn’t an Arendas believer last season, but he has played very well this year.  Batting .273 with as many home runs as Kyle Martin (4), Arendas is a player most teams would kill to have in the 8 hole.

Tanner English, CF

English could be higher in the lineup, but you love to have his speed on base with the top of the line up coming to the plate.

If we can put this line up on the field when they are all healthy, Carolina will be a dangerous team.