What to watch for

Everyone’s hoping that South Carolina is a better football team than they showed last Thursday.  That’s been the theme of message boards, call in shows and water cooler talk.  Are they?  We’ll see on Saturday.  Here are some things to look for: Tackle better – For all of the missed assignments and lack of pressure […]

What if

Almost no one saw Thursday night coming.  Many in Texas are ready to crown Kenny Hill; many in Carolina are ready to wait for next year.  Of course it’s not as good or as bad as it seems.  Until more games are played, it’s tough to say what to make of Thursday, but consider these […]

Is this the Injury Year?

First it was starting guard Mike Matulis, then it was back up corner Jamari Smith.  In the last few days South Carolina has lost two players to significant injuries that could be season ending.  How many more will they lose before Texas A&M comes to town? The last three or four seasons have been incredibly […]

Steve Spurrier: The Believer

Yesterday we mentioned there is going to be a special on Steve Spurrier the night before the Texas A&M game.  It’s part of the SEC Storied series and is called The Believer.  Here’s the trailer:

The SEC Network is going to be awesome

The SEC Network debuts on Thursday night, and from the looks of things, it’s going to be awesome.  So many cable and satellite companies have signed on to carry the network that when it goes live at 6 pm nearly everyone will be able to watch.  And every SEC fan will want to. Friends and […]

New Look Defense

There are going to be some new defensive sets this season.  Of those the most talked about has been the new three man front.  A three man front has always been a popular topic among Gamecock fans, especially when Todd Grantham took over at Georgia, installed a 3-4, and South Carolina started beating the Bulldogs […]

That’s a Wrap

As everyone reading this website already knows, Carolina’s baseball season is over, and it ended much sooner than anyone expected.  Despite the expectations of the program it was a good season, just not up to the normal standard the previous classes had set. It’s hard not to be disappointed in the way the season ended. […]

Time To Get Excited

There are few things better than night games at Carolina Stadium.  Few college baseball venues can match the beauty and size of The Ray, and even fewer can replicate that atmosphere.  And during the NCAA tournament, everything is a bit more intense. When Jordan Montgomery takes the mound tonight, it should be in front of […]

Just win now

The Gamecocks need to win their regional to have a successful season.  Anything short of that will be seen as a failure by many fans.  And those fans would be right.  South Carolina hasn’t failed to get out of a regional since 2009, the year before the College World Series run began. It’s not especially […]

NCAA Baseball Tourney Seeded like Basketball

Most of the readers of this site are well versed in the structure of the NCAA baseball tournament.  And who isn’t?  It’s simply 16 host teams, 8 of which are national seeds, hosting 16 4-team, double elimination tournaments, the winners of which play a best of three series to go to Omaha.  The four team, […]

Playing For Keeps

After the disaster that was the SEC Tournament, Carolina gets to stay home to begin the NCAA tournament.  The Gamecocks were rewarded for their strong season with a host site.  They were not given a national seed, in large part due to their Hoover performance.  But, at the end of the year, it’s not what […]

Happy 2,000th Day

Happy 2,000th Day.  It has now been two thousand days since Clemson last beat South Carolina in football.  That’s a very, very long time.  It probably seems even longer to our Tiger fans. Just how long is 2,000 days?  Well, 2,000 days ago Clemson last beat South Carolina in football, and in 2,000 days it […]

The Ideal Lineup

It’s been no secret that South Carolina has had many injuries this season.  Those injuries have caused many combinations of players to be used in the line up.  I was asked the other day what would be my ideal lineup for this team.  Since we might actually have these guys back and healthy, here it […]

SEC Tournament Week

South Carolina took two of three from Vanderbilt, and the Gamecocks got a little help to secure a Top Four seed for this week’s baseball tournament in Hoover.  Under the current format 12 teams make the tournament.  The eight lowest play a single elimination play-in game on Tuesday, and then a modified, double elimination tournament […]

National Seed Time

Before talking about a national seed, what a weekend the Gamecocks had to close the season.  Vanderbilt is a very talented team who is playing their best baseball of the year.  Thursday night and Saturday were the kind of wins that are a trademark of the program. With the exception of Friday’s first inning, Carolina’s […]